We are a state corporation established in 1989 by an act of parliament cap 447 of the laws of Kenya and started operations in 1991. The Authority covers an area of 47,000 sq kms, Consisting of Nyandarua, Kajiado, Nakuru and Narok Counties. It has a diverse geography, cultures, economies and climatic conditions covering highlands, and Arid and semi-Arid areas (ASALS). High poverty levels, heavy disease burden, scarce water resources, rapid resource depletion and poor infrastructure characterize the ENSDA area. The level of socioeconomic development is very low yet the region is home to the largest wheat belt (over120, 000 Ha), 50% of the country livestock population, attractive tourist destinations, large tracks of maize fields and 10% of Kenyan population. In this context, there is dire need to improve livelihoods through resources mobilizations for sustainable socioeconomic development. The region represents diverse cultures, varied scale of socioeconomic development needs and environmental degradation all of which constitute challenges.

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