Authority Functions

The functions of the Authority as provided in the Act are outlined as follows:

To plan for the development and initiate project activities identified from such planning.
To develop an up-to-date long-range development plan for the region.
To initiate studies and carry out surveys of the region as may be considered necessary by the Government or the Authority, and to assess alternative demands on the natural resources thereof, and to initiate, operate or implement projects as may be necessary to exploit those natural resources including agriculture (both irrigated and rain fed) forestry or wildlife and tourism industries, electric power generation, mining, and fishing; and to recommend economic priorities.
To co-ordinate the various studies of schemes such that human, water, animal, land and other resources are utilized to the best advantage and to monitor the design and execution of planned projects within the region.
(e) To effect a programme of both monitoring and evaluation of the performance of projects so as to improve such performance and establish a responsibility thereof, and to improve future planning.
To co-ordinate the present abstraction and use of natural resources, especially water, and to set up an effective monitoring of abstraction and usage.
To cause and effect the construction of any works deemed necessary for the protection and utilization of the water and soils of the region.
To ensure that landowners undertake all the measures specified by the Authority to protect the water and soils of the region.
To identify, collect, collate and correlate all such data related to the use of the water and other resources and also economic and related activities as may be necessary for the efficient forward planning of the region.