Key Achievement

A Greenhouse project has been initiated as a result of the enhanced technical capacity in place.

Key Achievement

Developments in Tea in the Trans-Mara region as a result of a focus on results/output, employee commitment, Community and stakeholders involvement.

Key Achievement

Elaborate linkages/partnerships: The Authority has succeeded in the soliciting for technical support from development partners, such as SNV and KOICA among others.

Core Values

Core values are central guiding principles that guide behavior and form the basis of the Authority’s culture. We are committed to upholding the following core values as our guiding principles for the operations of ENSDA in the medium to long –term.


To Show impartiality, fairness and honesty while upholding the highest ethical standards.


To maintain a high level of standards in the delivery of services to communities and other stakeholders. We listen to our beneficiaries and improve our products and services to meet present and future needs.


Acting in honesty and fairness.

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