Bamboo Commercialization Project

ENSDA is in the process of raising bamboo seedlings for the establishment of bamboo plantations in its area of jurisdiction, with the ultimate goal of establishing a bamboo processing plant for value addition. This will lead to the protection of the soil as well as increasing the vegetation cover in the catchments area. The plantations will increase the carbon sinks, mitigating the effect of climate change by sequestering carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Processing and value addition will create avenue for more employment opportunities throughout the value chain, thus improving the livelihood of the populace.

The ultimate goal of the bamboo commercialization project is to raise many bamboo seedlings for setting up bamboo plantations. ENSDA targets to collaborate with over 1,000 farmers to set up large tracts of bamboo plantations. To start with, a target of 500 acres (200Ha) of land will be put under bamboo plantation by ENSDA to act as a demonstration site and nuclear plantation. Progressively, farmers will be encouraged to invest in bamboo farming.

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River Basin Natural Resource Data Management

Establishing an efficient and effective institution to achieve a systematic development and management of the river basin natural resources is a strategic goal for ENSDA. The project aims to enhance river basin water resources monitoring, strengthen data collection and analysis, and improve the knowledge base in ENSDA’s river basins. This will enable the Authority to develop a high quality, accurate and up-to-date set of data and management tools that will enhance information availability, effective planning and management of basin resources.

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