River Basin Natural Resource Data Management

Establishing an efficient and effective institution to achieve a systematic development and management of the river basin natural resources is a strategic goal for ENSDA. The project aims to enhance river basin water resources monitoring, strengthen data collection and analysis, and improve the knowledge base in ENSDA’s river basins. This will enable the Authority to develop a high quality, accurate and up-to-date set of data and management tools that will enhance information availability, effective planning and management of basin resources.

  • Project Components Amala Transfer: Maximum - 6 m3/s, Average (annual) - 2.5 m3/s,Transfer Tunnel: - 4,325 m and Transfer Pipe - 17,190 m; Ø1,800 mm
  • 3 Cascaded Dams Hydropower schemes to generate 180 MW and will include include;
    •  Oletukat Olenkuluo dam; Height - 140m, Vol -300Hm3, P- 24MW, Head - 98m
    • Leshota dam; Height - 57m, Vol -30Hm3, P- 54MW, Design head - 217m 
    • Oldorko dam; Height - 30m, Vol -15Hm3, P- 96MW, Design head – 385m
  • Irrigation of 4,500Ha
  • Community Water Supply - 355,656 equivalent inhabitants
  • Environmental Conservation - 2,350 ha for Reforestation of the Mau Forest
  • Fisheries and Eco-tourism development
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