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The location is Ewaso Ng’iro river, Narok and Kajiado counties. The Programme is Integrated River Basin Based Development. The Implementing Agency is Ministry of Natural Resources & Regional Development Authorities and Ewaso Ng'iro South River Basin Development Authority and Implementation Period is FY2012/2018. The Project Budget is 1.24 Billion USD.

Main Project Components

Main Project Components

  • Development of the Maasai Mau Strategic Management Plan.
  • Maasai Mau catchment area rehabilitation and protection.
  • Establishment of community conservation cooperatives.
  • Support community alternative source of livelihoodsd
  • Promotion of green energy.
  • 3 Cascaded Dams Hydropower schemes include;
    • Oletukat Olenkuluo scheme; Height - 140m, Vol -300Hm3, P- 24MW, Design head - 98m
    • Leshota scheme; Height - 57m, Vol -30Hm3, P- 54MW, Design head - 217m
    • Oldorko scheme; Height - 30m, Vol -15Hm3, P- 96MW, Design head – 385m
  • Irrigation of 4,500Ha
  • Community Water Supply
  • Environmental Conservation
  • Fisheries and Eco-tourism development
  • Amala transfer scheme.
Project Impacts / Benefits

Project Impacts / Benefits

  • Hydropower Production 300 GWh (at drought years) to 1,050 GWh per year (at wet years) – This is estimated to generate 180MW
  • Water Supply - 355,656 equivalent inhabitants
  • Irrigation - 4,400 ha of a New Agricultural Area,
  • Tourism Development - One Eco-Lodge and two Tented Camps (Tented Bush Eco-camp and Tented Camp and Maasai Cultural Centre). Water sports facilities in the reservoir areas and pre-established walking routes.
  • Fisheries About 70 Tons/year fish production
  • Roads 175 Km of new roads.
  • Social improvements - 82 Primary Schools(17,000 children) will improve their availability of water by Roof Water Harvesting measures10,600 dispersed persons will improve the water availability for themselves and their livestock by means of 100 new rainfed water ponds
  • Generation of New Forest Areas - 2,350 ha of Reforestation of the Mau Forest Complex
  • 306 Km of a 46m wide strip of Riparian Reforestations of the Ewaso Ng’iro South River and of the Amala-Mara Rivers.
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