Achieving food security and good nutrition to its citizens remains a major challenge to the Government of Kenya with agricultural productivity gradually stagnating or reducing in recent years while the population continues to grow. Low food productivity in the country has been as a result of a range of factors which include; climate change, increased drought incidences, pests and diseases, poor technological input in farming, poor transport and storage of produce, poor land use and land tenure systems.

Lack of sufficient basic food commodities has led the government to formulate strategies on how to increase availability of food. The government in its agenda on “The Big 4” has put more emphasis on food security.

In the FY2018/2019, Ewaso Ngiro South River Basin Development Authority received funds from the Government of Kenya towards implementation of Oloyiangalani/Olosho-Oibor food security and water supply project. The main objective of this project is to improve food security, increase access to clean water and enhance resilience to climate change hence improve livelihoods and enhance socio-economic development.

The project is being implemented in three components which include the following;

  • Component I - Kimuka/Olosho-oibor water supply (24km conveyance pipeline, 19no water kiosks, 1 No. 100m3 Masonry water tank, 2No. 100m3 elevated steel tank - complete)
  • Component II – Oloyiangalani dam (100,000 m3 earth dam – complete)
  • Component III – irrigation (drilling and equipping of 2No. boreholes, 50-acre drip irrigation and community capacity building – ongoing).

Construction of Component I, and Component II was completed in FY2019/2020 and is currently serving over 10,000 people, 1 health facility, 2 secondary schools, 5 primary schools, 1 Vocational Training Centre and 1 Market Centre while component III is ongoing.