Authority Functions of ENSDA:

The Ewaso Ngiro South Development Authority (ENSDA) operates under a clearly defined mandate as stipulated in the Act. Our functions encompass a holistic approach to the development and protection of the region. They include:

  1. Planning & Initiating: Proactively planning for regional development and initiating project activities based on these plans.

  2. Long-range Development: Crafting comprehensive long-term development strategies for the region to ensure sustained progress.

  3. Studies & Surveys: Conducting studies, surveys, and assessments as mandated by either the Government or the Authority. This includes assessing demands on natural resources and recommending economic priorities while initiating projects across sectors like agriculture, forestry, wildlife, tourism, power generation, mining, and fishing.

  4. Coordination & Monitoring: Ensuring optimal utilization of resources like water, land, and human capital. This involves monitoring the design and execution of planned projects within the region.

  5. Performance Evaluation: Instituting a rigorous program to monitor and evaluate project performance, fostering improvements and ensuring responsibility.

  6. Resource Management: Coordinating the present extraction and use of natural resources, especially water, and establishing an effective system for monitoring its abstraction and usage.

  7. Construction & Infrastructure: Undertaking necessary construction works for the protection and utilization of the region's water and soils.

  8. Landowner Collaboration: Ensuring that all landowners implement measures specified by the Authority to safeguard the region's water and soils.

  9. Data Management: Efficiently identifying, collecting, and correlating data related to the usage of water and other resources, as well as economic activities, to enhance forward planning of the region.

By adhering to these functions, ENSDA is poised to effectively manage, protect, and advance the prospects of the Ewaso Ng'iro South Basin, always aiming for integrated, sustainable, and equitable development.

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