ENSDA was officially established in 1989 through an act of parliament cap 447 of the laws of Kenya. This legislative act laid down the foundation for ENSDA to operate as a state corporation with the objective to harness the region's resources and uplift its communities. Following its establishment, ENSDA embarked on its transformative journey in 1991, setting its focus on strategic planning, project initiation, and collaborative community engagement.

Geographical Mandate

The Authority's mandate covers a sweeping area of 47,000 sq kms. This expansive terrain encompasses counties such as Nyandarua, Kajiado, Nakuru, and Narok. Within its jurisdiction lies a mosaic of geographies, cultures, and climates, from highlands to Arid and Semi-Arid Lands (ASALs). Navigating these complexities, ENSDA has remained unwavering in its commitment to the region's growth and well-being.

Challenges & Potential

From the outset, ENSDA recognized the contrasting landscapes of challenges and potential within its realm. The region grapples with high poverty levels, a significant disease burden, scarce water resources, rapid resource depletion, and infrastructural deficits. Yet, it also boasts of Kenya's largest wheat belt, pivotal livestock sectors, tourist hotspots, and a substantial portion of the country's populace. With these dynamics, ENSDA’s establishment was not just timely but essential.

Legal & Functional Framework

The functions of ENSDA, as detailed in the act, are diverse and integrative. From planning and initiating development projects to ensuring the sustainable use of natural resources, the Authority's role is all-encompassing.

Moving Forward

With its strong legislative backing, ENSDA continues to forge ahead, adhering to its core values of Transparency, Accountability, Honesty, Integrity, and Equity. As we reflect on our establishment, we remain committed to our vision and mission, driving forward the promise of a better tomorrow for the Ewaso Ng'iro South Basin.

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